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Go Green Landscaping, also known as Sustainable gardening or eco landscaping, is a method to design, create and maintain your landscape that will save time, money and energy . Green Landscapes nurture wildlife, reduce air, soil and water pollution and make healthy yard spaces. Your yard can make a difference! Landscping for the future.

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A Bit About Us

Based in Whangaparaoa, our no 1 priority is to create eco systems that have a balanced environment, So that no pesticides are required
We are big on sustainable methods to get the best results for you and your garden. We specialize in natural landscapes, food forests and stone walls.
We would love to hear from you to have a chat about what would work best for you in your location.


Design and Create

Go Green Landscaping will come and access your landscape on what will work best for the site.
There are a few main considerations to consider before planting and creating your own personal Garden of Eden.
Aspect, typography and soil biology.

Lunar and Biodynamic Gardening

We always plant according to the Lunar cycles, we aim for nothing but the best results and this has been proven through our vast experience. We take a holistic approach to gardening as humans and plants are all connected.


Create an organic and Intelligent design which uses free, sustainable energies and resources. It is energy-wise and collaborative to minimise the impact of a site on the surrounding environment. A good design has great potential.

Dry Stone Walls

Rebuild your yard with beautiful traditional dry stone walling. Basalt, bluestone, split riverstone, lime and schists.


Short courses

Go Green Landscaping also provide short courses, tailored to your experience and knowlege on all aspects about organic gardening.

Certified Organic Worm Castings

We sell nothing but the best Biologicals to get your soil and plants cranking!

We have various quanities available for you.


We Want to Hear From You

When you're in need of a dependable Landscaping Service, don’t hesitate. Contact Go Green Landscaping NZ today.

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